Girard-Perregaux Video. The Chamber of Wonders

— Girard-Perregaux opens a doorway into a place brimming over with amazing treasures – discoveries, secrets, fabulous stories… – and unveils three exceptional timepieces

Girard-Perregaux renews and transcends the tradition of the famous Cabinets of Curiosities, the forerunners to museums which emerged in Renaissance Europe in the Chamber of Wonders collection. Through the honorary name, Chamber of Wonders, the Brand opens a doorway into a place brimming over with amazing treasures: discoveries, secrets, fabulous stories, natural assortments and curiosities of all forms…

Thanks to the talents of artisans of miniatures, who craft fine detail over a background of extraordinary materials, this Chambers of Wonders collection offers three meticulously immortalized cartographic parentheses of time in the limited space of a replica watches for sale dial.

Day & Night 24 hours in the life of a woman (who loved replica watches)

— You change your cheap replica watches like you change your shirt. You match your timepieces to your appointments. You find the idea of not wearing one unthinkable. Your motto? A fake Rolex watch for every occasion.

6 am – The alarm rings. It’s strident, shrill. No option but to switch it off. Open one eye, jump out of bed, head for the bathroom. Shower, perfume, cream, choose your clothes, makeup, jewelry, watch. Every gesture is precise, the mechanics well-oiled. This day is off to a perfect start. On your wrist sits a classic two-tone watch matched with a new bi-material strap: a Linea Dark Chocolate by Baume& Mercier. Reassuring and sweet, like the calm before the storm …

7 am – Time to wake up the little monsters. Junior 1 is as floppy as a mattress without springs. Junior 2 bounds out of his bedroom like a shaggy Zebulon, while Junior 3 greets you with yells even more piercing than the ringing of your alarm. With a nervous breakdown threatening, a little dose of comfort is called for. Phew! A quick glance at your Rendez-Vous Date watch by Jaeger-LeCoultre is enough to make you feel better. It’s already time to drop Juniors 1, 2 and 3 at school. You’re definitely not the Desperate Housewives type.



Linea Dark Chocolate by Baume & Mercier, and Rendez-Vous Date by Jaeger-LeCoultre.
© Baume & Mercier / Jaeger-LeCoultre

10 am – Ultra-important meeting in room 25 with a group of Chinese salespeople who have come to learn a bit more about the standards of watchmaking elegance and the various combinations of materials. A vast subject… Rather than take intensive mandarin classes, you prefer leading by example and proudly display your GraffStar Icon Automatic – by Graff naturally. Judging from their smiles, you understand that they are already over the moon about its pink ceramic case, mother-of-pearl dial and its dual-time display. Abracadabra… it’s a wrap.

Noon – Your good friend Hortense is already 20 minutes late for the lunch that you have been putting off for months due to: Junior 3 being sick/a training course on a brand-new hyper-innovative ultra-thin movement / holidays in Valais at your mother-in-law’s /a meeting with Junior 1’s French teacher. Hortense is really pushing it now… When she arrives at last, you suggest she buys a cheap Rolex replica watches to help her be on time. Why not your most recent crush, a Horsebit model by Gucci?



Graffstar Icon Automatic by Graff, and Horsebit by Gucci.
© Graff / Gucci

2.10 pm – It almost left without you you. But you run really fast wearing your stilettos. Very fast… Usain Bolt in high heels? Minus the biceps, plus long hair, as well as an ever-spinning seconds hand in your head in order to catch up with time gone mad… Once in the train, you let yourself be sped to Paris. Freeze the image: more than ever, you feel like the heroine of your life and the most elegant of your super powers is a watch: the Carrera Lady 28mm Calibre 9 automatic. Thanks TAG Heuer!

5.30 pm – Harry – your English chauffeur whose incredible punctuality has always made you think he could have been born in Switzerland, in the Vallée de Joux, as the great-great grandson of a famous watchmaker – is already waiting for you when your stilettos hit the platform. Madame has a meeting in the 1st arrondissement? In half an hour? Would Madame kindly fasten her seat belt!? Wedged in the back of Harry’s powerful car, you warn your good friend Marguerite who kindly invited you to the Hermès Spring-Summer fashion show that you will be arriving any minute. On a front-row seat, thank you very much! You keep a low profile and discreetly reveal your new/tiny/adorable Faubourg Swiss replica watches by Hermès. You are in line to win a first prize for elegance.


Hermes-TAG Heuer

Hermès Faubourg and TAG Heuer Carrera Lady.
© Hermès / TAG Heuer

7 pm – Driiiing… A frantic phone call from your super babysitter who’s on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Junior 3 is running a temperature of 39.5°C! Junior 1 still isn’t back from his friend’s apartment. And as for Junior 3, he still hasn’t grasped the fact that your apartment is not a football field! You need a serious upper. A little gentleness, luxury, calm and voluptuousness… Inhale, exhale, inhale… think of the Coué method… Look at your watch. It’s a Boucheron Reflet model. Its vintage elegance mesmerizes you. Everything is fine. It truly is absolutely fine…

9 pm – A rendezvous with a man – your own – in a chic restaurant. Soft pile carpet, muted lights, starred chef in the kitchen… the evening menu looks tasty. The father of Juniors 1, 2 and 3  has also taken the train to join you and has a big piece of news for you – or rather a declaration, a gift to celebrate your 20 years together. Close your eyes, open them… no, you aren’t dreaming. Diamonds, grey mother-of-pearl… it really is a Sublime Timepiece by Harry Winston. You are over the moon and so is your man!


Reflet by Boucheron, and Harry Winston Sublime Timepiece.
© Boucheron / Harry Winston

5.30 am – Cheeks flushed with pleasure, you dance wildly on the floor of a legendary club. For just a few hours you forget Junior 3 and his inoffensive little children’s disease, the Asian salespeople, Harry and his big car, Hortense and her pathological tardiness. Suddenly it is you that is overcome by fever. On your left wrist, is a de GRISOGONO Allegra watch in pink gold set with emeralds designed by the king of partying himself, Fawaz Gruosi. On your right wrist, is a Jacob & Co Brilliant Skeleton Jewelry Swiss cheap Rolex watch. Watchmaking, its codes, its fashions, its mechanics – none of it holds any secrets for you and that is abundantly clear. With your timepieces clasped firmly to your wrists, the passing hours tick delectably by. Where can one buy a ticket for the next 24 hours?



de Grisogono Allegra and Brilliant Skeleton Jewelry by Jacob & Co.
© de Grisogono / Jabob & Co replica watches

Ernest Borel New partner Swiss Replica Watches

— WorldTempus is happy to welcome Ernest Borel as a new replica watches partner.

Ernest Borel

Founded in 1856, Ernest Borel has always been closely tied to the Rolex replica watchmaking region of the Swiss Jura, but was from the begining able to undergo rapid expansion throughout Europe, the Americas and Asia, where the company is today one of the best-known quality Swiss Made brands.

In the 1940s, Ernest Borel launched its famous Cocktail model, featuring an hour hand with 2 discs for the minutes and seconds. This model was an immediate worldwide success, contributing to the expertise and reputation of Ernest Borel, especially in the United States, where the Swiss replica watches was a huge success.


Cocktail, ref. LGR8080-28291WH.
© Ernest Borel

Ernest Borel has a production facility in La Chaux-de-Fonds and inaugurated a new factory and headquarters in 2009 in Le Noirmont.

The brand remains loyal to the values and heritage of its founder, Jules Borel, blending elegance and tradition in cheap fake watches with an unmistakable character for gents and ladies .



IWC Replica Watches Portofino Remontage Manuel Pur Classique

La gamme Portofino d’IWC Swiss replica watches a longtemps fait figure de star tranquille parmi les montres de la manufacture de Schaffhausen. La gamme n’a cessé de s’élargir, attirant toute l’attention des amateurs de montres par son design très sobre et par son élégance intemporelle. Avec la Portofino Remontage Manuel Pur Classique, un nouveau membre vient s’ajouter à cette famille, incarnant avec charme et style l’art de la sobriété.

Une montre ne saurait être plus simple: deux aiguilles et un remontage manuel. Rien ne détourne l’attention de son design épuré et de son cadran limpide. La véritable élégance est indissociable du dépouillement. La Portofino Remontage Manuel Pur Classique (réf. IW511101/ IW511102) renonce à toute coquetterie visuelle et se met tout entière au service de la mesure du temps. Elle n’en rayonne pas moins d’une profonde quiétude et séduit par sa pure beauté. Non seulement le verre à bord arqué fait paraître plus petit le diamètre de 43,5 millimètres de cette montre parfaitement harmonieuse, mais le langage stylistique de cette dernière, remarquablement classique et équilibré, est aussi mis en valeur par le modèle traditionnel du verre utilisé. Pour donner l’impression générale la plus discrète possible, la réserve de marche a même été déplacée au dos de la montre, où elle est lisible à travers le fond en verre saphir.

La meilleure mécanique dans un design traditionnel

Le calibre de manufacture Replica IWC Watches à remontage manuel 59060 est connu pour sa remarquable autonomie: après remontage complet, la montre garantit exactement 192 heures, soit huit jours, de précision, sans qu’aucune intervention ne soit nécessaire. Son propriétaire devra ensuite lui redonner  de l’énergie en la remontant au moyen de la couronne. Le dos du mouvement est dominé par deux grands ponts qui recouvrent tout le mouvement à l’exception du balancier. Ce mouvement au design modernisé garantit un haut degré de robustesse et de fiabilité. Le pont supérieur accueille le barillet, le différentiel ainsi que le mécanisme de remontage, tandis que l’affichage de la réserve de marche se trouve sur le pont inférieur, qui masque également la platine placée en dessous. Tous les ponts sont finement ornés de Côtes de Genève. Le mouvement abrite aussi un balancier sans raquette délicatement régulé par quatre vis réglantes en or sur la serge du balancier. Conformément à la plupart des mouvements modernes, ce balancier oscille à une fréquence de 4 hertz, c’est-à-dire de 28’800 alternances à l’heure, garantissant un haut degré de précision, tout comme le spiral Breguet à courbe terminale, issu de l’ancienne tradition horlogère. La Portofino Remontage Manuel Pur Classique en or rouge (réf. IW511101) est proposée avec un cadran argenté, des aiguilles et des indices dorés et un bracelet en cuir brun foncé. La version en acier fin (réf. IW511102) est disponible avec un cadran argenté, des aiguilles et des index rhodiés et un bracelet en cuir noir. Ces bracelets haut de gamme sont fabriqués à la main exclusivement pour IWC Schaffhausen par la manufacture italienne Santoni dirigée par Giuseppe Santoni, appartenant à la deuxième génération de ce célèbre fabricant de chaussures italien. Lors de la fabrication des bracelets dans la manufacture, un processus très élaboré confère au cuir une patine, ce qui lui donne sa teinte caractéristique. Grâce à cette technique, le cuir a l’air d’avoir été porté et entretenu soigneusement depuis quelques années, bien qu’il soit tout à fait neuf. Une autre caractéristique typiquement Santoni est la doublure en cuir orange qui pare l’envers du bracelet. Esthétique et charme de l’art de vivre méditerranéen se retrouvent ainsi sous leur plus belle forme dans des montres et des bracelets de grande facture. La Portofino Remontage Manuel Pur Classique est disponible en édition non limitée, exclusivement dans les boutiques IWC Fake Watches sélectionnées.

H. Moser & Cie replica watches for sale Video. The Rake magazine

— A behind-the-scenes film from The Rake, one of the most fascinating men’s magazines, featuring H. Moser & Cie timepieces.

The Rake is a magazine dedicated to the elegance of classic men’s style. Based in Singapore but distributed worldwide, with reporters in the UK replica watches, US and Europe, The Rake was launched in 2008 to cater to the growing wealth of people interested in tailoring and classic style.

Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Wei Koh, caught up with H. Moser & Cie Swiss replica watches. this month.

replica watches

Zenith Swiss replica watches Dona Bertarelli named “Female Sailor of the Year 2014″ at the SUI Saling Awards

— Zenith replica watches, official timekeeper of Spindrift racing, is proud that Dona Bertarelli claimed the most prestigious award of its kind in Swiss sailing.

Zenith Dona Bertarelli

Along with her partner, Yann Guichard, the renown French skipper, Dona founded Spindrift racing in 2011. This elite professional sailing team, which is based in La Trinité-sur-mer in south Brittany, represents their combined passion for the sea, sailing and competition. The team currently owns Spindrift 2, the world’s largest racing trimaran, Spindrift, a MOD70, and Ladycat, the D35 well known in cheap Replica Watches Switzerland for its regular performances in the Vulcain Trophy circuit on Lake Léman.

The acclaimed sportswoman, who has achieved multiple victories and sailing successes with her professional sailing team Spindrift racing, both with the D35 Ladycat and maxi trimaran Spindrift 2, is proud to sail under the colours of the Société Nautique de Genève and to convey Swiss sailing to the highest level on an international scale.

Unable to attend the official ceremony in Bern last Saturday, Dona revealed her delight at receiving the award more than 6700km away in Guadeloupe, where she was attending the Route du Rhum prize giving. Her first reactions to the news, in a video message sent from Pointe-à-Pitre is available at:

IWC “The Last Flight” replica watches to be auctioned in Geneva

— On 11 November, Sotheby’s Geneva will offer for sale the Pilot’s replica watches Chronograph Edition “The Last Flight”.

Montre d’Aviateur Chronographe Edition « The Last Flight » (Ref. IW388005) © IWC

The Pilot’s Watch Chronograph Edition “The Last Flight” has been designed to commemorate 70 years since the tragic death of celebrated writer and pilot Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. The sale of the watch will take place during Sotheby’s auction of Important Omega replica Watches on 11 November 2014, and all the proceeds will benefit the Antoine de Saint-Exupéry Youth Foundation, dedicated to supporting young people around the world. The fund will help to build a library for young patients in the Hospital Pequeno Príncipe in Curitiba, Brazil’s largest children’s hospital.

The IWC Pilot’s fake watches Chronograph Edition “The Last Flight” (Ref. IW388005) number 01 out of 17 pieces – features a silicon nitride ceramic case with a special engraving goes under the hammer, a brown dial and a calfskin strap in the same colour, echoing the tobacco colour of the pilot’s flying suit. The crown, buttons and case back are in platinum.

Georges Kern, IWC Schaffhausen’s CEO, commented: “Last year’s auctioning of a Big Pilot’s replica watches Perpetual Calendar Edition “Le Petit Prince” generated a breathtaking CHF 173’000 that was channeled towards the construction of a school with a library in Cambodia, a project brought to life by the Antoine de Saint-Exupéry Youth Foundation. We would like to continue our support of this charitable organization with the auctioning of another Special Edition timepiece: the Pilot’s Watch Chronograph Edition “The Last Flight” in platinum, with an exquisite engraving on the case back in memory of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. As a globally successful company with a strong commitment to social responsibility, we are proud to have found a partner in the Saint-Exupéry Youth Foundation which relies on a vast international network and does incredible work for disadvantaged children with its local projects.”

Longines Official Timekeeper and Replica Watches of Glasgow 2014

— Glasgow 2014 offered a great opportunity to discover the Conquest Classic collection

La Cérémonie de clôture de Glasgow 2014, les XXe Jeux du Commonwealth

Glasgow witnessed the Closing Ceremony of the XX Commonwealth Games on Sunday 3 August 2014. Mr. Charles Villoz, Vice President of Longines, attended this great show in the company of Glasgow 2014 Chairman Lord Smith of Kelvin. To honour the success of the event and the great collaboration, Lord Smith of Kelvin was presented with a Longines timekeeping bell by Mr. Villoz, created especially for the Games.

Longines has been the Official Timekeeper and Replica Rolex Watches of Glasgow 2014, the XX Commonwealth Games, as well as the Presenting Partner of the Gymnastics competitions. Over a period of 11 days of competitions, the Swiss watch brand put its skilled expertise in the service of the largest sporting event ever held in Scotland. It provided more than 190 timekeepers and 122 tonnes of equipment to support Glasgow 2014.


M. Charles Villoz - Lord Smith of Kelvin

Mr. Charles Villoz, Vice President of Longines, and Lord Smith of Kelvin, Glasgow 2014 Chairman, at the Closing Ceremony of Glasgow 2014, the XX Commonwealth Games.

© Longines


The Official Replica Watches For Sale of the Games was a chronograph in steel from the Conquest Classic collection, housing an exclusive mechanical column-wheel calibre. With a diameter of 41 mm, its black dial is set with one arabic numeral and 11 applied indices with Super-LumiNova®. It displays the hours and the minutes, a small second at 9, a 30-minute counter at 3, a 12-hour counter at 6 as well as the date at 4:30. Just as the entire Conquest Classic collection, this timepiece is water-resistant to 5 bar and its screw-down case back is fitted with a sapphire glass.

Longines’ involvement in the Commonwealth Games dates back to 1962, when it was the Timekeeper of the event in Perth, Australia.


A. Lange & Söhne The moon in Saxony’s sciences

— Moon-phase Fake Watches by A. Lange & Söhne Replica Watches UK are impressive witnesses of lunar research in Saxony.

A. Lange & Söhne Richard Lange Quantième Perpétuel «Terraluna» et Grande Lange 1 Phases de Lune

The moon has been preoccupying humankind for millennia. In Saxony, too, the earth’s satellite, its orbital progression and its influence on various spheres of life intrigued citizens, scholars and regents alike. This interest spawned countless drawings, reports and novels that even today reflect the enthusia sm of their authors for the moon.

In the early days of lunar observations, people were interested mainly in its progression across the nocturnal skies and its changing faces. The focus among researchers shifted to its surface after the telescope was invented in the unfolding 17th century. The famous lunar map by the Dresden astronomer Wilhelm Gotthelf Lohrmann (1796–1840) is an example from the 19th century, but the moon has lost none of its fascination to this very day. In the 1960s, Dresden native Ursula Seliger created an extensive series of detail – rich pencil drawings which she compiled in three volumes.

Today, these drawings are stored at the Palitzsch Museum in Dresden. The facility was named after Johann George Palitzsch (1723–1788), a so-called “peasant astronomer” who, apart from working on his farm, also devoted his time to astronomy and became famous for rediscovering Halley’s Comet. In the evening of Christmas Day, 25 December 1758, he pointed his telescope toward the skies in search of the comet’s tail. For months, astronomers all over the world had been awaiting its arrival, which had been predicted by Edmond Halley (1656–1742) as early as 1705. Halley reckoned that the comet, last seen in 1682, was periodic and would show up again in about 76 years. So its discovery by Palitzsch was no mere fluke. It resulted from years of diligent study.



C’est avec ses observations minutieuses que le «paysan-astronome» George Palitzsch a gagné le respect des nobles de son époque.
© DR Swiss Replica Watches For Sale

When Palitzsch passed away in 1788, he left behind a library containing 3518 books and dozens of scientific instruments that 25 years later were lost to pillage during the Battle of Dresden. In homage to Palitzsch, the International Astronomical Union named three lunar craters after him in 1935. The mission of the small museum in Dresden, which is near to his devastated farm, is to inspire children and youngsters to discover their world by observing it closely and mainly with their own eyes, just as Palitzsch did in his day.

Pour l’année 2014, A. Lange & Söhne présente trois nouveaux modèles avec une dédicace particulière à la Lune. Ainsi, la Grande Lange 1 Phases de Lune attribue le premier rôle à la Lune en la plaçant au centre de l’affichage des heures; puis, sur la Lange 1 Tourbillon Quantième Perpétuel, les phases lunaires s’affichent dans le cercle des petites secondes; enfin, sur la Richard Lange Quantième Perpétuel «Terraluna» l’affichage orbital, composé de trois disques en or massif, est situé à l’arrière de la montre et indique, outre la phase de la Lune, aussi la position de celle-ci par rapport à la Terre et au Soleil.