Why you should take care of your bong? Read it here

Stoners might have overlooked the importance of bongs in smoking their favorite herb that most of the time, they tend to ignore its unique function and how it conveniently filtrates the smoke to make it purer and get that satisfying high that we want from hitting cannabis.

Just a fun fact, bongs have been around us for more than a century but its popularity just rose for the past couple of years because of the advancement when it comes to water filtration systems where smoking can be enjoyed more than ever.

Smoking from a bong, according to cannabis experts and experienced stoners believed to be the purest way to smoke cannabis and the healthiest way in smoking it aside from using a vaporizer, but in the recent years, a lot of people are quite confused about how much the water filtration can filter out the harmful carcinogenic substances it blocks and how does the filtration affect the good effects of your beloved herb.

In this article, let us read some of the best advantages of using a bong, so sit back, light some weed and relax because we will tell you the advantages of using this tool.

So what makes bongs better than others? Most of the reasons why stoners prefer to using a bong rather than going to the traditional glass pipe are its ability to use water filtration that no other device can do. If you directly roll a blunt or use a glass pipe, you are risking yourself of inhaling the harmful carcinogenic substances as well as developing tar in your mouth, unlike bong where it only produces nothing but the purest smoke coming from the cannabis minus the harmful effects of it.

Glass bongs, in particular, prevent the ash from getting mixed with the smoke that we inhale because it is dissolved in the water inside the filtration chamber. Bongs are very effective when it comes to trapping and filtering out the harmful substances from your dried herbs compared to smoking the traditional glass pipes or rolling blunts.

Another notable benefit of using bongs is that it cools down the smoke effectively making it easier for our lungs to inhale it minus the irritation that could affect our throat as well. You can already tell the difference of smoking in a bong between smoking it on a glass pipe. According to stoners, the smoke coming from the bong is much smoother, and cooler and tastes better than your average glass pipe.


To further explain how bong keeps us not just happy but also very healthy at the same time is because of its water filtration technology that when you take a look at it better, it is just a very simple technology but very effective in filtering the good from the bad.

You can even tell that you smoke is filtrated because the water inside the filtrating chamber eventually turns to sticky brown which means it is time to replace it with fresh water. The sticky brown water inside the bong is the harmful carcinogenic substances that are deposited in the water.